About Us

artigiani del legno, pulizia , manufatti

We deal with everything related to wood and its processing: a handcrafting carpentry company since 1956.

Wood is a beloved material in product design and interior furnishing and is a warm raw product used to make so much of what furnishes our homes and items we use every day.

Our Company

lavorati in legno, bancali in legno, aziende

Our skill, craftsmanship and dedication both manually and technologically is constantly being improved, and today we are in a leading position in the sector both nationally and abroad.

We have relationships with and continue to work on important collaborations with large companies and institutions including Trenitalia, the Province of Florence, the AUSL of Empoli and the US Consulate.


Our company is recognised not only for its tailored jobs, but also for working with the best quality materials and delivering on all the finishing touches.

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